Miss Sunshine 2014 - Beauty pageant


Do you want to show off your beauty and talent, take part in our Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant. You don't need to have any experience.

Mini Sunshine 2014  5 to 7 years 

Round 1 - Opening Round - Not Judged
- Sunshine Top
- Jeans

Round 2 - Favorite Outfit

Round 3 - Talent
- Anything you want from singing to magic

Round 4 - Party Wear
- Dress above the knee

Little Miss Sunshine 2014  8 to 11 years

Round 1 - Opening Round - Not Judged
- Sunshine Top
- Heels of any height
- Jeans

Round 2 - Favorite Outfit
- Heels of any height

Round 3 - Talent
- Anything you want from singing to magic

Round 4 - Party Wear
- Heels of any height
- Dress above the knee

Miss Sunshine 2014  11 to 15 years

Round 1 - Opening Round - Not Judged
- Sunshine Top
- Heels of any height
- Jeans

Round 2 - Favorite Outfit
- Heels of any height

Round 3 - Catwalk and Interview [Nothing scary]
- Knee Length Dress
- Heels of any height

Round 4 - Evening Wear
- Heels of any height
- Floor Length

As well as age winners and overall winners there will be;
Miss Photogenic
Miss Natural Catwalk
Miss Smile
Miss Personality

To ENTER please contact me at; ellewilks.fundraising@gmail.com

With your Entry please include;

- At least 5 pictures of yourself [at least 1 without make-up] Head and shoulders shot and full body. They don't have to be professional pictures.
- Name
- Age
- Hobbies
- Any Experience
- Contact Number
- Clothing Size
- School
- 3 words to describe yourself
- Address

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your application to Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant 2014 and inform you on how to pay for your £15.00 ENTRY FEE which includes our sunshine t-shirt to be used in the choreographed opening round.

Thank you and Good Luck.

#Model Monday - Back 2 School

My #MM is for the Back 2 School Brogue.                                                                                                             The soles are thick and sturdy and let's be honest these shoes are totally gorgeous. The cute tassels just make the shoe and the shape of the brogue is faultless.                                                                                                                                                        Reviewers say they are comfortable, light weight, good value, the heels is a great height and super stylish. I haven't worn these but just looking I'd say they are absolutely no doubt about it stylish and are ideal for the trendy school look.                                                                                                                         They go great with fitted school trousers or a skater skirt and a blazer always makes brogues smarter but more rock chick and less workaholic.                                                                                                                                                                                                             I would have to rate these a 9.5 stars out of 10. There a numeral amount of reasons why. 1]. I adore the shape of these shoes. 2]. The heel seems to be great for walking about alot as it adds extra height and looks great. 3]. The tassel is 100% cute. 4]. Everything about the shoe is totally beautiful. 5]. I couldn't give it a 10 stars out of 10 because you've always got to leave room for improvement. I find it very hard to find improvements for these beautiful brogues but if I had to say something I'd have to say the fringe pattern underneath the tassel. It is cute and I do love it however I think that's the one thing that these shoes need to improve on. The fringe could maybe shorten a little to not cover so much of the front of the shoe.

Then to finish off these shoes are now also in the sale with £10.00 OFF which makes them £10.00. This is an outstanding price for these so get shopping and get your school list checked off. 

That's my #MM complete with the Back 2 School look for the September term. 

Modelling Tips and Tricks

Coco Rocha. My all time favorite model.
Tips and Tricks of the Modelling Agency.


Elongate your NECK. Don't hide it into your shoulders, it looks like you have no neck and it's really not pretty.                                                                                                   Always pose with TENSION  in your body. But remember this doesn't mean become stiff.           

Your FACE is one of the main points. You have got to show expression through your face, especially your eyes. 

MIX and match your poses. It's like anything really if you see the same thing over and over again it's just boring, dull and you get full of it. It's the same with posing, try different things and just do it. If it doesn't go right the first time see what you need to do the second time to make it right.

Don't you even dare think about playing it safe. Linking to the tip above EXPLORE new and risky moves. 

When going to photo shoots it's an obvious thing to make sure you have a clean face and looking TIDY. 

It's always best to take flats and HEELS when going to shoots or go sees. 

Wear NATURAL clothing.

Wear a MINIMAL of make-up.

Top thing for shoots and go sees is NEVER be late.


If you hate your outfit, hair or make up you just have to forget about it and pretend you like it. You CAN'T be negative when modelling towards anything you are trying to sell whether it's shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, make-up or hair. No matter what you must pretend you like or it will show in your pictures. 

Practice your catwalk. 

Practice your poses.

Always research the top fashion designers and models.

Don't be nervous.

Find a model you aspire to and closely research them. 

What's In My Beach Bag

What's In My Beach Bag

What's In My Beach Bag by topteenz1 featuring Zara Home

In my beach bag I have;

  1. A Super Cute Pink Beach Towel 
  2. Small Stripe Wedges
  3. Multi Coloured Polka Dot Sun Umbrella - Perfect for catching the glowing tan but keeping cool in the hot summer breeze.
  4. A Beauty Queen Summer Hat
  5. Waterproof Mascara - Great for going in the sea and not worrying about the horrible running but relax and have fun.
  6. Waterproof Bronzer 
  7. Long Lasting Lip Gloss
  8. Clinique Sun Cream
  9. Beach Ball
  10. Ping Pong Set - Funny because you don't have a ping pong table, but you have sand ;] 

Beach tote bag

Lip shine

Lancôme voluminous mascara

Bronzing powder
$23 - thehut.com

Clinique sun care
$34 - selfridges.com

Sunnylife tilt patio umbrella

Zara Home beach towel

3 for £12 Thorntons

3 for 12 special offer

Classics Toffee, Fudge & Caramel Collection (142g)Thorntons, which is my favorite chocolate shop has got some great deals but my all time favorite has got to be the 3 for £12 Chocolate Offers.

This Classic collection of deliciously chewy, chunky Toffee, melt in your mouth Fudge and gorgeously gooey Caramel is absolutely worth the money. Alone they cost £4.50 but as the 3 for £12 deal it's a total bargain. 

Then to top them all off they are Thorntons' recommendations at 4 and a half stars. I will definitely be going to Thorntons tomorrow to get these along with two other boxes.  

Moments (250g)Then the next thing I'd get for the 3 for £12 would 100% have to be the Moments. This chocolate box contains;

  1. Soft Caramel
  2. Creamy Fudge
  3. Double Chocolate Croquant 
  4. Crunchy Praline 
  5. Orange Crisp
  6. Chocolate Truffle
This box is truly moments to remember. Thorntons' chocolate are absolutely beautiful in my opinion, I do love them alot. I can't walk past the shop with going in and buying something. 

Then lastly for the 3 for £12 I'd have the Irresistible Smooth Coconut Melts. 

I really do find them irresistible. I've had so many I get worried in case I turn into a Coconut Melt ;]. 

These are my choices for 3 for £12 deal, what would you choose. 

#Mix Up Model Monday

Black (Black) Black Wooden Heel Gladiator Sandals | 310025301 | New Look

Today #MM is a mix up and is all about the Heels. 

I am staring with the Black Wooden Heel Gladiator Sandals in the SALE for just £7.00 from £24.99 from Newlook. I was so surprised when I seen how cheap they were. My star rating for them would have to be a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I really like the style and  block heels. The colours go great but they didn't make me speechless. These are one pair of shoes you can't say no to.

Now I'll move onto the Holographic Metallic Trim Heel and are in the SALE for just £11.00 from £25.00 from Boohoo. These are definitely worth the money but if you are not keen on the colour they also come in silver. They'd go great with black or white boot cut trousers to make the shoes stand out and a plain top. 

I would give them a 3 out of 5 stars because the colour is fabulous as well as the style of the shoe, they look really comfortable as said by the reviewers.

My #MM is complete. 

#Feet First Friday

What better way to stand out this summer than with these Peep Toe Laser Cut Heels.

These are great for the summer and the laser cut floral design just brings them to life. They are girly but at the same time have sparks of style and festival. The block heels provides a bit more height and more support for on your travels, the pin buckle slingback strap just makes these shoes.

I would say these are great for your normal daily wear, shopping. However you can dress them up with a cami style jumpsuit. This will blend the outfit together and create the perfect look you want.

My favorite jumpsuit for these shoes has got to be the Lilah Strappy Cami Style Neon jumpsuit from boohoo. What an amazing price it is too. One reviewer said it is affordable, trendy and comfortable , everyone love a great deal. For the summer this is the thing that your wardrobe is calling out for.

This outfit is truly irresistible.

They can both easily fit in your holiday suitcase so get shopping, packing and have a great time looking like a model.

I feel proud to be able to have these beautiful heels and the glamorous jumpsuit for my #FFF. I think I may be in love, they seem too good to be true.

#Therapy Thursday

Getting the Coral Kiss Lip look with this best selling lip stick at Boohoo will brighten up your face and just add cool vibes to your look.

I absolutely adore Models Own and this lip stick with moisturizing formula, a long lasting satin finish and a retractable crayon design just makes it even more fabulous. Not only that but it also has a tampered pen nib for a precise application.

It also comes in;
Ravishing Red
Very Berry
Devil Red

This lipstick is the only thing you need to have to put in your handbag for that perfect friendship. They will love each other as you love them. Your two beauties together for as long as they live. We love lip stick so why not buy two for such a cheap price.

Perfect for going back to school, handbag friends and going away to put in your wash bag. It's not too vibrant but also shocks the eyes of passers by. What's so bad with standing out out for beautiful lips.

That's #TT complete with a big smile beaming with beauty.

South Wales Next Top Model... PLEASE VOTE

My Dress Journal - Day 4

My Dress Journal - Day 4

My Dress Journal - Day 4 by topteenz1 featuring wedge shoes

This purple dress is so gorgeous and the shoes and bag just dress it down. Great for shopping for going out for a meal or night out. You can dress this outfit with different jewellery or accessories for different events and venues. 

Glamorous purple dress
$38 - thehut.com

Wet Seal wedge shoes

Crossbody handbag

My Dress Journal - Day 3

My Dress Journal - Day 3

My Dress Journal - Day 3 by topteenz1 featuring Forever New

The blue long top would look great with some white shorts if the dress is too short otherwise show off your long legs and get noticed in the crowd. 

Mango blue dress

White shoes
$48 - shelikes.com

Forever New backpack
$47 - forevernew.com.au