Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day by topteenz1 featuring a sterling silver heart pendant

Mother's day is coming, this Sunday.... 30th March 2014.
If you want buy her some lovely new pajamas. Why not give her a nice cosy day in, clean for her, make her breakfast in bed or cook a meal for her. Give her a film and some chocolates, turn down the lights and candle up the bath, take her out for the day or order a take away. You could give her some flowers or make her a homemade scrap book with her favorite pictures and ribbons and badges. You could make her a cake or a homemade card, draw her a picture or make her a bracelet for being the best mum.

For breakfast a nice cuppa tea or coffee, special hot chocolate with a croissant or toast on a try with a card and a present. After that gie her a clue and send her around the house searching for the next gift.

Why not get her some hot massage rocks? At a great price you could give your mum a mini spa with creams and face masks, paint her nails and do her hair. Give her a nice cosy bubble bath and eave her reading her favorite magazine with soothing music in the background.

Hot Massage Stones

For the meal you do do a three course meal with her favorite food. Chocolate - chocolate ice cream or cake, pasta - pasta salad with chicken or a Greek salad style platter. What about salmon or fish cakes, gammon or bacon. Something simple and plain or something hard but fun!? What ever you choose to do I'm sure she'll love it!!

$58 -

Cotton pj
$15 -

Hydrating face mask
$1.63 -

Bath body product

Beauty product

Beauty product

Weekender WOW

The Colosseum in Rome

My weekender WOW has definitely got to be London to Rome Adventure Trip. Saving £100 you could go around London to Rome and explore the beautiful historic cities, galleries, museums, sample some regional wines and delicacies and visit four countries in eight days.

What's Included?

  1. A picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 
  2. Orientation walks in Interlaken and Milan.
  3. 1 Lunch 
  4. Small Group MAX.16
  5. Train, Public Bus, Metro, Train, Ferry and Walking
  6. Simple Hotels/Hostels
  7. Chief Experience Officer

It's not very energetic and perfect for you guys who love to take nice holidays just taking in the picturesque views of the beautiful world. This trip would be amazing for taking pictures and enjoying different site seeing adventures and just having fun and relaxing. 

However if you're more into having a family fun time why not take a look at the London to Edinburgh Adventure Trip? You can go and see the 'Harry Potter' film studios, visit Oxford and check out famous castles, the rugged coastline of England and eat freshly made Haggis in Edinburgh. Also saving £100 you could be spending 8 also travelling with your family having a great laugh and maybe try and stop in different ice cream parlous each time you stop. Sounds like fun. You'll enjoy, your kids will enjoy... What isn't there to enjoy?

Tower Bridge in London

But if that doesn't excite you how about the Morocco Family Adventure? You could be spending 7 days experiencing the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, trying mint tea and learn Arabic. You could also be camel trekking along side the beach at Sidi Kaouki and wander the souk of Essaouira. 

But if you're more of an active family you could try the Sailing In Thailand Adventure Trip. You could have a nice relax on your yacht, eat delicious Thai cuisine, lounge out on beautiful beaches, take some time to snorkel and swim. What can be more better than that? 

Which One Will You Choose?

I Need This... Really!!


I need this. I want this. I'm having this. Really!! At such an exceptional price this is definitely on my Editor's Picks list. Not only a great price but it's so cute and summery. It's the hottest colour of this spring and you're sure to look smoking in this with it's round neck, short sleeves, nipped in waist and sneaky side pockets. But it's also got pleats to the front for a flattering fit. 

It can be dressed up or down. Worn with heels or block sandals. A backpack or a clutch. However I'd chose this gorgeous Rucksack In Silver Iridescent.

It goes great and maybe try some sandals to match like the ones the model is wearing above. Your outfit isn't complete however without your hair to match. I'd go side all the way. Wrap your hair round one side, curled and add a gloss to your lips and your ready to go. My opinion would be, this outfit is amazing, beautiful and as a secret between you and me..... If I could I'd wear it everyday!

Feet First Friday

Feet First Friday

Feet First Friday by topteenz1 featuring wedge shoes

The Mint Green Bow Wedges - The colour i'd say is beautiful, the bow makes them girly and cute. Personally I love them and at such a great price I melt every time I look at them. They're from Designer Wear with a 5.5 inch wedge that will blow your beautiful minds. These shoes are a one and only.

The Black Faux Suede High Heels - These are also from Designer Wear  at also an amazing price. With zip fastenings, cut out detailing and with a heel of over 6 inches your loving machine will be head over heels for you. These sexy shoes bring out your wild side and show the true you in the way you walk. 

Wedge shoes
$47 -

High heel shoes
$50 -

Happy Home

Model Monday

Leather Ballet Pumps, Standard Fitting

These gorgeous Leather Ballet Pumps, Standard Fitting with a draped effect and cotton bow are ideal for an active week. They are dressy but comfortable, they are a charming pump and with up to 50% OFF what can you loose. Nothing. They are just fine. 

They have fabric lining with a foam backed leather sock with wide fitting also available!!!! 

They come in nude/black, black/black or caramel/black so you can mix and match or style up your boring outfit with the grace of these pumps.


Weekender WOW

Weekender WOW

This beautiful Suni Bodycon Midi Dress from Motel is seriously perfect for the weather forecast for this weekend and beginning of the week. Sun, may not be warm but certainly sunny. The good thing about this means that you could wear boots and a shoulder bag or heels and a clutch. Try hair in a straightened high ponytail or down and curled. It looks great with coats and jackets. You can make it look super stylish and dress it completely up or dress it down for shopping.

This amazing Weekender WOW  means you save £18 and with FREE UK delivery & returns on orders over £75 you could be saving so much you'll be so excited.

In the 90's Techno print it's bang on trench for spring 2014 and suits all body shapes and sizes. Show off your beautiful body!!!!





60 SECONDS by topteenz1 featuring leather tote bags

This outfit is definitely what I would grab to go if I was against the clock and had 60 seconds to choose and change. I'd say that the red jumper goes perfect with the black jeans and boots. It's a cosy, walking styled look with a great sense of catwalk fashion. The bag stands out as it's a big tote and the army coloured jacket with black sleeves is just gorgeous. The fur on the coat bring a tad of girly into the outfit and the boots bring masculinity. I think the outfit looks great!

It's so versatile as it can be for really girly girls or tom boys, it's not to any certain style but it looks clean and cute. I'm putting this outfit on my 'Editor's Picks' list because to me it's so perfect for any weather; hot take off the jumper but make sure you have a short sleeved top underneath, rain put up your hood and jumps in the puddles, cold hide behind the giant tote and just be fabulous. 

Phase Eight long sleeve top
$60 -

VILA green hooded parka 
$140 -

ONLY tall pants
$41 -

Timberland black ankle boots
$270 -