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     Straw Hat with Braided Trim 

Pure Cotton Round Neck Printed T-Shirt

At the moment we love Pastel colours, Flowers and Prints and that's exactly what La Redoute has to offer us.

Believe it or not this cute Round Neck Printed T-Shirt is just £11 with 27% OFF. It's also pure cotton! However not just this but it fits in perfectly with the whole Prints as fashion at the moment is all out those words.

And if your not really sure about it why not add it to your wishlist and check it out again later?

The top goes great with jeans or leggings, tucked in or let loose. It can be smart or casual, how ever you wish to style it, this top can work it but only if you can work the top.

Then we have this super luscious Straw Hat with Braided Trim.
Not feeling the vibe of this hat try the other coloured one; mixed tone also £15. If you ask me that's a bargain buy.

Personally I'd say that this hat and this top goes amazing together, they's look absolutely stunning with a pair of washout denim shorts and blue converse styled shoes. Your hair in a side plait or fish tale or if you'd rather go for the laid back look, back comb your hair and let it go crazy. Paint your nails a pastel blue and add a few thin bracelets of different colours to finish off the look. This way you'll be rocking where ever you are.

What's In Store For You This Month?

Weekly Hair Style Guide

Hair Style Guide

Hair Style Guide by topteenz1 featuring a black velvet headband

MONDAY - You could add a cute bowler hat and make it as girly as possible.
How To:

  1. Divide the hair into two large section, (like you are doing two ponytails)
  2. Then pull a thin strand of hair from the right side to the left, taking it underneath. 

  1. Repeat the same technique. This means taking a thin strand of hair from the left taking it to the right underneath.
  2. Do that alternatively until you get to the end of the hair.

TUESDAY - Bows! Curl your hair and take a front few strands of hair or your fringe and pin it back with a big stand out bow. This style is completely in at the moment. However if you prefer your hair up, go for a high straightened pony tail and place the bow above the bobble.

WEDNESDAY - Bun it up, tight and tidy. It's easiest to use a doughnut or some tights rolled up.
How To:

  1. Put the hair into a middle height ponytail.
  2. Then put the hair through the center of the doughnut until it gets all the way down to your head. 
  3. Tilt your head forwards and split the hair around the whole of the doughnut making sure the hair is fully covering all of it.  
  4. Then using a bobble place it around the doughnut which keeps it in place.

  1. Tuck the excess hair under the bun or wrap around to create more of a messy feel and pin it. 
THURSDAY - High ponytails are in so if you went for the ponytail with the bow on Tuesday go for a curled ponytail and then grab little bits of hair from the top of your head and gently pull so it looks messy but super cute. However if you went for a different style of bow on Tuesday definitely go for a straightened high ponytail.

FRIDAY - Messy Buns are so cute. 
How To:

  1. Make sure there are no tangles then use mouse to make the hair crazy and really messy.
  2. Grab it like a ponytail with one hand and the use a bobble to up your hair up, but don't pull all the hair through.

  1. Then pin up the ends and poll the bun it make it look messy.

SATURDAY - The plait on the side, behind or over your head. It looks really cute when you add a flower headband, material headband or bandanna. 

SUNDAY - If you have a fringe grab it and take it as far as it will go to the back of your head. Pin it up and your ready to go. 

Floral crown

River Island black velvet headband
$10 -

Hair clip accessory
$6.71 -

Beauty Buys

Beauty Buys

Beauty Buys by topteenz1 featuring a confetti nail polish

These are my top four beauty buys for this week. But my all time favorite has got to be the NO.7 Mascara. I'll tell the truth it's mainly because the bottle is glittery. It's red and glittery and it's just gorgeous!! I've got this myself and I would say it is really good. I find that the quality of the mascara for just £10 is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else, it's lasts ages and I would buy it again because I think the price is excellent for what it is.

My second favorite thing on my list is the Super dry Brush. It's £16 and some people think it's quite expensive but it is really good. I do love it and it spread the make-up out great. I personally feel it helps to blend different colours and textures of the make-up together.

Then it's the Baby Skin for £3.98. To begin Maybelline is one of my favorite make-up brands anyway but the packaging is just so cute. I haven't tried the product but I just love the packaging so much. I think I will try it though because it is cheap for the brand and what it is and I have heard a lot of amazing reviews     about it.

Lastly is the Models Own nail polish. Well what to say about that, I love it. The one I put in my list is blue and sparkly, I absolutely adore it. However it is last on my list but I would say the neon colours of Models Own are higher. But I had to have something last on my list didn't I??

What's on your beauty list?

Celebrity Style, Pixie's Style

Celebrity Style; Pixie's Style

Celebrity Style; Pixie's Style by topteenz1 featuring a nail polish

This is just gorgeous. It's plain and simple but somehow looks so high fashion. The jumpsuit really extends the length of her legs and the heels shape her legs. Then because the outfit is all black the studs on the shoes really show and then the bag is a pop of colour. I'd say coloured nails to match the bag, natural looking lips so add some shine with lip gloss and a little bit of mascara. This is just a high fashion cosy look with a bit of bedazzle and burst.

Jumpsuits romper

Zara pink purse

Nars cosmetic
$32 -

River Island mascara
$11 -

Black eye makeup

Nail polish

Find A Gift

If you are trying to find a great gift for a family member, a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a work mate or a baby this is to place to come. You could go out for some afternoon tea or stay in with some chocolates and watch your favorite films together.

I really like this one. I have loads of friends and family members who are massive fans of curry so I think this hamper is perfect for me to give. A 3 Month Fright Night Curry Membership for £19. They love cooking. They love curry and lots of spice so i'm definitely getting this for their next birthdays. They can wear what they want and don't have to worry about getting it wrong and messing up because it's only a bit of fun and there's no stress needed.

3 Month Friday Night Curry Membership

However some of my friends and family prefer going out. My mum is a great lover of spas and being pampered so this Health Club Day Pass for two is amazing. It's something we can do together and feel great after. I was amazed with the price, £13.30 really shocked me for this. They can just have a nice relaxing day not having to worry about work, cleaning, family, nothing.

Health Club Day Pass for Two, Was £19, Now £13.30

But then there are the Weekend Gift Breaks. It's for two people and it's so cool because you get 1 to 2 night breaks, you have up to 100 locations to choose from, 12 months to book, if you want choose a theme then they choose a place and a date. It could be a romantic weekend on a river cruise with bottles of wine and the theme could be love, red petals on the bed and some yummy treats for you to eat.

Then lastly we have the outdoor adventure activities. For Junior's you could get them The High Ropes Adventure  For £24 a Junior could be having an amazing time up in the trees swinging around with no worries and just having a wail of a time.

Junior High Ropes Adventure

And if none of these gift ideas really suit you go to Activity Superstore and find your perfect gift. There's enough choice for anyone to find a gift, cheap or expensive. It's worth it if they love it!!!!

£50 Bargain Buy

£50 Bargain Buy

£50 Bargain Buy by topteenz1 featuring imitation jewelry

Well what to say about this outfit. For only £50 I'd say it's a BARGAIN! It's bright and full of summer fun. The Daisy crop stands out and brings the girly flower feel, the black just adds pop to the outfit and the white collar is just all up there in the fashion steak right now. The white Ballet pumps are gorgeous. They have a tiny heel just to add a little but of extra height and the lace is girly and sexy. But then we move on to the skinny jeans, the plainly coloured waist part doesn't take away from the top and the bag and bracelet bounce off each other. This is an outfit that has got to be worn this spring because it's too good to be true. I love this do you?

Crop top
$22 -

Blue skinny jeans
$25 -

Ballet shoes flat
$17 -

Forever 21 green satchel

Secret Scent

Secret Scent

Secret Scent by topteenz1 featuring perfume fragrances

I really love Circus by Britney. I think it smells so nice but I've had it before. However I love the Couture Jasmin Deluxe By Gianni, I haven't smelt this but I've got a feeling it would be quite flowery and lightly scented. But just because the bottle is nice doesn't mean the perfume is so let's move on to Guilty. The bottle great and the perfume, I like it. I haven't had it but I've smelt it as my friend wears it all the time. She says it's her favorite perfume and it's worth the money. I do think it's smells rather delightful I suppose.
Have you tried or got any of these? Comment below or on our facebook page your reviews on your favorite perfumes or on these ones. 

Versace fragrance
$505 -

Giorgio Armani perfume fragrance
$385 -

Britney Spears fragrance
$43 -

Ralph Lauren fragrance
$94 -

Gucci perfume fragrance
$89 -

Perfume fragrance
$48 -