Boohoo's Jelly Shoe Chart

5. My number five are these Carmen Bow Trim Jelly Flip flops for £8.00, which is an amazing price as these are rather beautiful. I do like them alot however I do not love them. 

They look very comfortable but there's just something about them that doesn't float my boat although I would get them because they are cute and an exceptional price. Maybe I would prefer them in black, which is available. 

My number four is these Jess Jelly Fisherman Wedges for 
£18.00. The thick sole wedge effect is unique and funky. If you aren't to keen on pink they also come in Black and Nude.

In my opinion they are really nice and look strong and really comfortable, although they haven't made the cut any higher than number four because they simply don't attract me that much and they aren't very girly and I am a very girly person.

3. My number three would have to be these Frances Block Heel Jelly Sandals for £12.00 which comes in 6 different colours; Black, Clear, Mint Nude, Turquoise and White. They are probably number one on the style list but I would have to put them number three. 

However I do prefer them to flats as the heel gives them a little edge. But I do feel that they come across as majestic and easy to style; dress up or dress down. 

2. My number two are these India Diamante Thong Flip Flops for £10.00. I absolutely adore these as they are girly, glamorous and they glisten when they catch the light. I also love the style as they are easy looking but not too much in your face but at the same time still gorgeous. 

They also come in colours Nude, Turquoise and White. Personally I think the black look the best because the diamantes stand out the most on them although the other colours are really pretty as well. 

1. My number one has got to be these charming Kimberley Studded Thong Jellies. They are ONLY £12.00 and come in Black, Nude and white. 

I desire these sandals; all the colours. They just look bold and stand out from the crowd. They follow the trend of Jelly but in their own way. 

To sum these up in three words before I get too excited it would have to be - Alluring, Lavish and Fantasy. 

Newlook's Summer Picks

These are my favorite things off the Newlook 25% Off Summer Picks List. They also make a really cute outfit....


1. The Gold Daisy Bib Necklace £5.99, with a high shine finish and a clasp fastening. It goes great with a block coloured dress and creates a statement look for all over the year. It's big, bold and girly. If you wear this tr it with your hair up so it bring the attention to your neck and face. 

Black Pattern (Black) Gold Daisy Bib Necklace | 303075909 | New Look

2. The Light Blue Basic Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress for £7.00. It has a scoop neck and would go great with the necklace above just to create a fresh, statement look. This dress is ideal for the summer as it's light and can be casual or formal. 

Pale Blue (Blue) Light Blue Basic Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress | 307338045 | New Look

3. Pink Quilted Clip Frame Purse for £7.00 that lightens up your summer outfit. It's block and if you hold it in your hand like a clutch it will bring the blossom out of you with the flower necklace and bodycon dress.
Pink (Pink) Pink Quilted Clip Frame Purse  | 290630570 | New Look

4. Pink Strappy Jelly Flat Sandals for £7.00.... BARGAIN if I must say so myself. These are by far one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment 'Jelly Sandals'. I find you either hate them or love them and there's only a few people who feel in between about them. Personally I used to hate them and thought they looked awful but because I see them nearly everyday and more people have started to have them I have began to warm up to them. I guess you could say I kind of like them now, the retro look. 

Fuscia (Pink) Pink Strappy Jelly Flat Sandals | 306760077 | New Look

These go great with the outfit as well as it just bring summer to the picture and brings the colour pink in a bit more as it matches the clutch. 

5. The Blue Tribal Print Waterfall Blazer is £20.99 which is a great price for this. It's smart and stylish as well as youth and fresh. It just blends all the colours of the outfit together and goes with the Blue Body con Dress. The two different shades of blue combine into one and really draws attention.

Blue Pattern (Blue) Blue Tribal Print Waterfall Blazer | 305687449 | New Look


Sanctuary Spa 

Sanctuary is my like my baby. It smells so good and feels so smooth on my skin. 

I have the Body Butter which is a thick cream and has loads of moisture. It doesn't leave my skin oily but it cleanses it. It is a rich cream and it lasts for quite a while. I would definitely recommend it to a friend because it smells so gorgeous and it actually makes me feel relaxed. I bought it in a gift box however to but it on it's own it's £10.00 from Boots. It's a great price for this body butter. Try it and love it.... It's rated 5 star and at the moment there is a deal for 3 for 2 on selected skincare. 

I also have the Body Wash which is £5.50 that is an amazing price for this body wash. It is a small bottle but works like a dream and I really couldn't ask for better. It has essential oils and spices to gently cleanse and condition, it actually works. But the thing I love most about this body wash is that it has moisturizing capsules of sesame oil and jojoba that burst on your skin. It feels so massaging and relaxing. It is literally like you are in a spa.  This is rated just off 5 stars I would give it a 5 star all the way.

Then lastly I have the Body Scrub. It is seriously fab and feels vitalizing as well as leaving my skin smelling smokey. However this scrub is only rated a 4 and a half stars but it's still seriously luxurious and for just £5.50 it's a great product to have on your shower shelves. This product also gives you 550 points on your Boot's cards so get shopping and treat yourself because you deserve it. 

Weekender WOW; Festival Fiesta


For the perfect Festival Fiesta look try these pieces below. They are at mind-blowing prices and look absolutely amazing.

To start is this Lime Alice Crop Swing Cami Top for £4.00 and comes in Lime Green, Orange, Bottle, Grey, Black, Lilac, Olive and White. This Cami is perfect for the warm weather at your next festival or just for the cute festival look. 

Some reviewers have said it's 'very stylish, comfortable' and               'It's a good length and versatile'. 

Next we have the Amelia 'LOVE' Bracelet which comes in Gold and Silver and you'll never guess how much it is, £4.00. This day just keeps getting better by the second. This bracelet is ideal for a festival look, it's loose and stylish but at the same time sleek and girly. 

Okay so now let's move onto the Tia Round Lennon Sunglasses for just £6.00. A pair of sunglasses is definitely a must have for the festival look and with these rose tinted, round Retro looking glasses you could be a total rock legend on the stage of a festival fiesta. 

With these glasses your eyes definitely stand out from the crowd, but you are not any festival girl, you are a model ready for fun. 

Go big and bold with this gorgeous Abia Rose & Leaf Floral Head Crown for only £5.00. This will absolutely be the focal point of your look along with the glasses and a cute Lizzie Scallop Mesh Hand Harness.

These two cute accessories are just an adorable way of styling up your festival wardrobe look and creating a statement. 

The head piece is a girly look and would really bring out your eyes and with a touch of pale pink lipstick people would envy over you. 

Then there's the hand harness which is powerful and strong looking, kind of like you are the leader of a tribe. Not to mess with you. 

So by putting these two pieces together we have a powerful chick who's pretty fierce when she wants to be and that's the image you'll give off. So if you want that it's vital you get these. 

Lastly the look is not complete with a pair of Sasha Cut Work Multi Strap Boots for £25.00. 

A reviewer said these are comfortable and staple they are best for casual wear and going out. 

With all UK deliveries you get FREE returns so if you want to get any of these, which we all know you do. You're falling over them then what have you got to loose. But you better be quick because these are the last ones in stock so you better get shopping. 

However you can't just wear these you got to get some charming high waited denim shorts. This will complete your look and total it to a 100 percent festival chick. 

Get the Summer Office look

Get the Summer Office look

Pink top

Evening skirt
$43 -

Forever New pointy high heel shoes
$19 -

Round sunglasses

Lips makeup

Lips Don't Lie

Beautiful lips shows a women women and a beautiful women shows beautiful lips. You must take care of your lips do why not try Max Factor - Colour Elixir Lipstick from All Beauty. Depending on colour the price range goes from £4.99 to  £5.50 saving a great deal of money. 

Max Factor Colour Elixir LipstickIt's an instant breath taking colour for smoother, softer lips. It contains a  60% blend of skin emollients, conditioners and antioxidants including Vitamin E. It transforms the look and feel of your lips in just 7 days.

When you apply Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick it heavily moisturizes and softens your lips with a rich confident colour. You will be feeling strong in no time. 

If you order now it's normally dispatched within 1 day which means you could get your Max Factor Lipstick within the next couple of days and how amazing would that be being able to hold this lipstick in your very own hands. So if you order NOW and spend up to £15 or more on orders you get FREE UK delivery. 

Lancome Juicy TubesBut if you prefer to have butter instead of lip stick why not try the Lancome Juicy Tubes. Lancome Juicy Tubes depending on colour again vary from £12.95 to  £13.95 once again saving money. 

Rated 5 out of 5 stars as a reviewer has stated. They also said it tastes so good, last a long time and is so shimmery. They can't get enough of it. 

It's a transparent shine that has delicious tastes and is a purse perfect gloss that's easy to carry around and apply when needed. 

Again it is normally dispatched with 1 day in which you can have your candy lips in no time. If you are feeling very generous towards your lips why not order both and get your FREE UK delivery whilst knowing that in a few days you'll have two amazing lip treats in your make up collection. Now that's something to be proud of.

If you buy cake sprinkles and put quite a thick layer of lip gloss on your lips then shake the sprinkles onto your lips straight after you've put the gloss on then pad gently with your finger. Don't lick your lips or touch until they seem a little bit stiff then you have my version on the sprinkle candy lips. Just to warm you it does feel a bit weird but it's really effective and really fun to do as it's not your everyday beauty routine activity. 

If you put quite a thick layer of lip gloss on your lips then shake some sugar onto your lips straight after you've put the gloss on then pad gently with your finger. Don't lick your lips or touch until they seem a little bit stiff then you have my version on the sugar candy lips. Just to warm you it does feel a bit weird but it's really effective and really fun to do as it's not your everyday beauty routine activity. 

I really think both of these lip looks are really cool and you are sure to be an eye catching beauty. Maybe you could also try your own styles of candy lip looks with chocolate sprinkles or crystal sprinkles. Sometimes it works but other times it can go wrong but don't get stressed just think of it as a bit of fun because that is what it is. 

Day Cream; Nivea

Nivea Day Cream, Pure and Natural;

It is light, freshening and friendly on my skin. I have sensitive skin and if I use the wrong kind of cream or face wipes, that's it I am so spotty so I really need to watch what I use and use it carefully. It isn't too thick but it's thick enough the stand in it's shape without sloping all over my hands and face. I use it in the morning and it always wakens me up ready for the day ahead. 

I must have had this cream now for around 2 months, I've used it everyday [sometimes more than once] and still I've got over half the tub left. I apply it in small doses using my finger next to my thumb to dab a spot of cream on either check, my chin, forehead and nose. I then rub it in and watch my face shine. 

TIP - When rubbing cream into your face always do an upwards motion on your cheeks to lift your face. 

I got this cream from Wilkinsons on offer but I would definitely get it at full price even though it's two pounds more. Some people do say that Wilkinsons is a cheap shop and if you buy beauty products e.c.t they won't be as good quality as other places and won't work. However other people including I believe that isn't true, it doesn't matter where you get it from because they are all the same product anyway just with different names, prices and packaging. 

I recommend this day cream to anyone, especially people which sensitive skin. It works on me so it's not 100 percentage definite it will work on you but there is a fair chance. I really do like this cream and there is also if you prefer face washes and other facial creams richer or night then there is plenty of choice for you to choose from. 

Apple Fresh; Head and Shoulders


Apple Fresh from Head and Shoulders.

I absolutely adore this. It's smell is to die for and it's so refreshing especially now it's summer. It does help to prevent dandruff and keeps my hair looking shiny and vitalized. The smell lasts for ages, even after two days I can smell it just about, but there's still apples in there somewhere. It does literally smell of apples. 

I get mine from Tesco where it is £2.99 for a 250ml bottle or £4.99 for a 500ml bottle. Some people may say it's a bit expensive but I really don't think it is when you sum up the pros and cons. 

Apple Fresh; Head and Shoulders

I would definitely recommend this shampoo to a friend and buy it again. It's probably the ninth bottle I've had this year, even though I didn't need any new ones but I love it so much. I think i'm a bit obsessed. 

Accessorize your wardrobe

We love Accessorize. Today it's Accessorize's 30th birthday, they have made a list of 30 things they just can't live without and all the accessories are truly beautiful.

My favourite thing on their list has to be this Sunny Satchel in Green for ONLY £29.00. It has a lock fastening, Carry handle, Crossed body strap and zipped interior zip. It also comes in white and is a reasonable size. 

There is one review which says there's no cons to the bag and it's attractive, high quality, a great colour and a great size. It's best uses are for going out; looking smart while not looking too office worker, Everyday; staying in style and Shopping; big enough for everything you need.

After all what have you got to loose with this bag, if you order it with the UK standard delivery for JUST £2 and you don't like it when it arrives you can send it back using the FREE UK returns. Perhaps you want to buy more, if you spend £40 or more you get FREE UK delivery. 

Sunny Satchel
This bag would go great with a Skater skirt and a Cami top, gladiator sandals and a flower headband with curled hair. You could add a blazer to smarten up the look or a waist coat, fringe or denim. However if you wanted to change the look completely go for a maxi dress or skirt with a crop top, sandals or block heels with open toes. But if you want to go more for a casual look try some lace shorts and a plain block coloured knitted jumper or short sleeve top and boots or Dr Martins with a think necklace and bracelet. 

Marseille Heavy Gem ZipTop Clutch BagMy second favourite thing off the list is the Marseille Heavy Gem Zip Top Clutch Bag for £32.00. It is a bit more expensive than the Satchel but I think it's definitely worth the price. It is absolutely no doubt about it a statement piece. It has an option chain strap and unfortunately out of stock on line at the moment but you can get Accessorize to email you when it's back in stock which shouldn't be too long. 

A review for this is that it looks more expensive than what it is and it really doesn't disappoint. It's really high quality and and the reviewer said they would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

This bag is great for going out; to glam up your look, holidays; it's really summery and bright and special occasions; as it's glam and really pretty. It goes with loads of colours and is big enough for your normal daily things such as a phone, keys, chewing gums, lip gloss, a mirror and so on.

For a bold smart casual look you could go for a crop top with a blazer, smart cut trousers with court heels or a pencil skirt and a blouse. For a wedding this bag would go perfect with a blue and white/cream striped dress and cream/white wedges with blue nails and curled hair with some strands pined back using blue diamante clips.


Beach Body Summer Camp

World Cup Special; Brazilian Make-up

World Cup Special; Brazilian Make-Up

Okay so as we all know the Brazilian's national colours are yellow, green, blue and white. As the World Cup starts today it would be pretty cool if we could look beautiful whilst keeping up with the latest sporting events. 

So to do Brasil style make-up you need to go all out on the eye shadow. Then draw with an eye pencil a thin line with a small flick at the end and a little bit of mascara. Some people may say this look could be too heavy for the day but the World Cup is bold so why can't you be bold. 

How to create the Brazilian style look;

1. First you do the first layer of eye shadow, use a white or light grey just to deepen the look and make it with hold posture and beauty. It just adds to the look, trust me it is great when you're finished. We will call this the under cover layer. 

2. Then get a yellow eye shadow, whether it's light or dark and add that on top of your under cover layer. But you cover the whole of your eye lid making it darker towards the inner eye lid. 

3. Next get a green eye shadow, once again light or dark. Start from about the centre of your eye lid until you go to the end of the yellow mascara.

4. After that you get a blue eye shadow, again light or dark. Start from just before the end of the green and go out this time through following the flick of your eye liner and creating a dark flick. This will make your eyes look bold, wide and confident. 

5. Use yellow and green mixed with darker or lighter colours, how ever you're feeling, to lend the colours in the middle. Then if you feel it's too dark add the colour you used for your under cover layer in small doses on the top just to brighten it up. 

6. Lastly add your mascara and you should be looking marvellous. 

TIP - You could even try blending by gently massaging the colours together with your finger.