3 for £12 Thorntons

3 for 12 special offer

Classics Toffee, Fudge & Caramel Collection (142g)Thorntons, which is my favorite chocolate shop has got some great deals but my all time favorite has got to be the 3 for £12 Chocolate Offers.

This Classic collection of deliciously chewy, chunky Toffee, melt in your mouth Fudge and gorgeously gooey Caramel is absolutely worth the money. Alone they cost £4.50 but as the 3 for £12 deal it's a total bargain. 

Then to top them all off they are Thorntons' recommendations at 4 and a half stars. I will definitely be going to Thorntons tomorrow to get these along with two other boxes.  

Moments (250g)Then the next thing I'd get for the 3 for £12 would 100% have to be the Moments. This chocolate box contains;

  1. Soft Caramel
  2. Creamy Fudge
  3. Double Chocolate Croquant 
  4. Crunchy Praline 
  5. Orange Crisp
  6. Chocolate Truffle
This box is truly moments to remember. Thorntons' chocolate are absolutely beautiful in my opinion, I do love them alot. I can't walk past the shop with going in and buying something. 

Then lastly for the 3 for £12 I'd have the Irresistible Smooth Coconut Melts. 

I really do find them irresistible. I've had so many I get worried in case I turn into a Coconut Melt ;]. 

These are my choices for 3 for £12 deal, what would you choose. 

#Mix Up Model Monday

Black (Black) Black Wooden Heel Gladiator Sandals | 310025301 | New Look

Today #MM is a mix up and is all about the Heels. 

I am staring with the Black Wooden Heel Gladiator Sandals in the SALE for just £7.00 from £24.99 from Newlook. I was so surprised when I seen how cheap they were. My star rating for them would have to be a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I really like the style and  block heels. The colours go great but they didn't make me speechless. These are one pair of shoes you can't say no to.

Now I'll move onto the Holographic Metallic Trim Heel and are in the SALE for just £11.00 from £25.00 from Boohoo. These are definitely worth the money but if you are not keen on the colour they also come in silver. They'd go great with black or white boot cut trousers to make the shoes stand out and a plain top. 

I would give them a 3 out of 5 stars because the colour is fabulous as well as the style of the shoe, they look really comfortable as said by the reviewers.

My #MM is complete. 

#Feet First Friday

What better way to stand out this summer than with these Peep Toe Laser Cut Heels.

These are great for the summer and the laser cut floral design just brings them to life. They are girly but at the same time have sparks of style and festival. The block heels provides a bit more height and more support for on your travels, the pin buckle slingback strap just makes these shoes.

I would say these are great for your normal daily wear, shopping. However you can dress them up with a cami style jumpsuit. This will blend the outfit together and create the perfect look you want.

My favorite jumpsuit for these shoes has got to be the Lilah Strappy Cami Style Neon jumpsuit from boohoo. What an amazing price it is too. One reviewer said it is affordable, trendy and comfortable , everyone love a great deal. For the summer this is the thing that your wardrobe is calling out for.

This outfit is truly irresistible.

They can both easily fit in your holiday suitcase so get shopping, packing and have a great time looking like a model.

I feel proud to be able to have these beautiful heels and the glamorous jumpsuit for my #FFF. I think I may be in love, they seem too good to be true.

#Therapy Thursday

Getting the Coral Kiss Lip look with this best selling lip stick at Boohoo will brighten up your face and just add cool vibes to your look.

I absolutely adore Models Own and this lip stick with moisturizing formula, a long lasting satin finish and a retractable crayon design just makes it even more fabulous. Not only that but it also has a tampered pen nib for a precise application.

It also comes in;
Ravishing Red
Very Berry
Devil Red

This lipstick is the only thing you need to have to put in your handbag for that perfect friendship. They will love each other as you love them. Your two beauties together for as long as they live. We love lip stick so why not buy two for such a cheap price.

Perfect for going back to school, handbag friends and going away to put in your wash bag. It's not too vibrant but also shocks the eyes of passers by. What's so bad with standing out out for beautiful lips.

That's #TT complete with a big smile beaming with beauty.

South Wales Next Top Model... PLEASE VOTE

My Dress Journal - Day 4

My Dress Journal - Day 4

My Dress Journal - Day 4 by topteenz1 featuring wedge shoes

This purple dress is so gorgeous and the shoes and bag just dress it down. Great for shopping for going out for a meal or night out. You can dress this outfit with different jewellery or accessories for different events and venues. 

Glamorous purple dress
$38 - thehut.com

Wet Seal wedge shoes

Crossbody handbag

My Dress Journal - Day 3

My Dress Journal - Day 3

My Dress Journal - Day 3 by topteenz1 featuring Forever New

The blue long top would look great with some white shorts if the dress is too short otherwise show off your long legs and get noticed in the crowd. 

Mango blue dress

White shoes
$48 - shelikes.com

Forever New backpack
$47 - forevernew.com.au

My Dress Journal - Day 2

My Dress Journal - Day 2

My Dress Journal - Day 2 by topteenz1 featuring a sun hat

The cute floral pattern dress with the skater skirt bottom to show ya true girly style. The ballet pumps are great for everyday use but also look smart and stylish, the hat is cute and great for sun heat protection. Then there's the bag, it's gorgeous and goes great with your out.

This is what suits today well. The natural colour of fashion. The natural colour of beauty with only a little bit of mascara and a lip gloss with curled hair in a messy bun. PERFECT 

Sweetheart prom dress
$34 - fashionunion.com

Ollio ballet flat

DailyLook pink handbag

Sun hat

My Dress Journal - Day 1

My Dress Journal - Day 1

My Dress Journal - Day 1 by topteenz1 featuring a jersey dress

Today I am being lazy. Comfy is the way to go with this Adidas dress and slippers. You can wear the out but I prefer wearing it around the house or for feeling loose and comfy because it's well fitted and just makes me feel relaxed.

 Come back tomorrow for day 2 and what dress is in store for you. 

Jersey dress

Cat Face Ballet Slippers
$24 - matalan.co.uk

#Model Monday

This Monday let's go to up market and stop at Armani. This is one of my favorite shops. Here is my top pair of shoes from the Giorgio Armani Collection.

These are steel grey shoe boots with lug souls but with style bursting from the leather and suede. The rounded toe line gives a neat finish to the shoe. The heel isn't too high nor too low so just perfect for your average day dressed up look.

Maybe you'd prefer to wear them for occasions in which dresses or skinny jeans or a skater skit with a long coat would look gorgeous.

For me these shoes are perfectly stunning and I really cannot think of any faults. They are great for your foot's posture but still giving you an added height with the 4.7 inch heel.

The laces aren't too in your face and the slight pattern of the material on the shoe just gives the extra wow factor. These posh beauties could be yours in a flash.

I feel proud to be completing my #MM on Armani shoes as it's a very high fashion shop with so many beautiful things in but these shoes seemed to pop and make a statement.

If you re grudge paying a little bit more on shoes then maybe it's the time to think about getting that one pair of shoes that you keep in the box wrapped up tight when not in use and make you feel a rush of joy every time you look at them. The time has come for you to give up on buying cheap clothes that last a season and buy not loads just one pair of shoes that make you feel expensive and rich. They are your pride and joy and they are yours.

#Therapy Thursday

This Thursday the school summer holidays start for the UK so it's time for you all, parents and teens, to relax and take a break. Get ready for the excitement you have coming up in the next following weeks. 

1. My first therapy treatment has got to be a nice relaxing bath. Turn down the lights and flick on the candles, quieten down the music and wash all your worries or stress away. Just take deep breaths and relax in peace. Close the door and take a while of time to yourself. 

Boots Therapy Moisture Rich Bath Essence 500mlBubbles, I love bubbles. You're never to old for bubbles. I buy Boots' own bath essence for only 99p. They all smell gorgeous and do the job, they last for ages and I would definitely recommend them. However my all time favorite has got to be This Thursday the school summer holidays start for the UK so it's time for you all, parents and teens, to relax and take a break. Get ready for the excitement you have coming up in the next following weeks.                                                                                                                     Come in on tomorrow night and have all these exciting treatments lined up for you. Why not get them out either tonight or in the morning ready for when you come in from work.                                                                                                                                                         But if you have a shower and not a bath you can still relax with the warm water running over you refreshing and vitalizing.  

2. My second therapy treatment would be cream yourself. From top to bottom butter your body thickly in moisture. It is relaxing and cleansing to your skin. It also helps to create more flexible skin to try and prevent stretch marks.  
The best way to put body butter on is to massage it in. 

3. The next therapy treatment is a foot soak. Grab a bowl and put some nicely warm water in there add the foot soak and pop in your feet. Then grab your face mask and cucumber and sit back, relax and listen to your favorite tunes. 

Nails Inc. Devonshire Row Nail Polish Colour 10ml4. After that file down your finger nails and get out the polish. My favorite nail polish is Nails.Inc. It would have to be this beautiful Devonshire Row Polish for £11.00. It a bit more than the average nail polish but I do adore this colour and brand. I think it's totally worth the price and for it your getting an amazing product.                                                                                                                                 5. Lastly you should wrap up under a blanket watch a film and eat chocolate covered strawberries with green tea. 
Film Ideas - Romance or Rom Coms or Girly Films - The Proposal, I can never be your woman, Friends with benefits, Confessions of a shopaholic and The devil wears Prada.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries - One of your five a day as well as a chocolatey tasty treat.
Green Tea - great for so many reasons.
That's the end of my #TT edit. Take the chance to get yourself organised and then tomorrow come home to a relaxation evening and wind down with a bit of laughter and celebration. It's about time you start taking time to yourself.    

#Model Monday

These beauties in red are in the sale for £8.00. If I say so myself that is a bargain with no doubts. The red colour just pops and expresses happiness and joy however if you'd rather these shoes for a more cooperate venue they also come in black and blue.  

They are velvet but don't worry you can work them. They are great for work to make you look stylish and bring a bit of colour to your outfit or shopping, dress them down with leggings or skinny jeans and a jumper or vest top and a blazer. However you could dress them up with your favorite skater skirt and crop top. Let's be honest that would be a cute festival look. 

There has been three reviews on these shoes at Boohoo's website all saying they are perfect for going out, work and casual wear. They are stylish and comfortable. 

If you prefer plain looking clothes and outfits you could get away with wearing black leggings and a red or white top with a cardigan and a plain bag because these shoes work it themselves. When you wear these walk with passion and feel bright. You look good and everyone will be wanting a pair. 

Go to Heels on Facebook to find my other top 3 favorite sale shoe items this Monday from Boohoo, three different styles, occasions and vibes. Great for the price and great for your feet. 

My #MM is complete. 

#Weekender Wow

As we all know it's the start of the Summer Holidays in the Wales next week so if you find a good deal why not bride to go away for the weekend with your family. Start it off with a blast of a time.

Short Breaks For The Family

Butlins - There's many places where Butlins is located so you choose your destination and accommodation type. You also get to see what's there, the entertainment and where you can dine. You can take the normal breaks or if you book now go to Last Minuet Getaways. Great for families and loads of fun.

Pontins - Again great for families and loads of fun. This time you can choose your a themed break, accommodation and destination. Check out the Offers and Deals.

Short Breaks At A Spa

Spa Breaks - You stay for one night or 3, have solo spa or afternoon tea. You can book breaks from South East Wales to over the seas. To check out the Offers go here and find the one that suits you the best.

Short Breaks With Adventure

G Adventures - Take a hike or a trip on a speed boat out to the seas. Go wher you want when you want for great prices.

These breaks are for all ages and different types of interests. They are break and cheap ways of starting a great holiday and having fun whether there's rain or sun. 


My Favorite