My Goals

These are my goals to complete before the end of 2015. 

My Blog Goals

Create a make-up tutorial on You tube.

Raise money for a close by charity.

Share My Menu Ideas.

Hold A Fashion Show For Heels.

Interview Miss Patisserie.

Interview LUSH.

Write a day in the life of a magazine editor. 

Reach 10,000 followers.

Get 50,000 page views in a day.

Reach 200,000 Twitter followers.

Reach 600 Facebook followers. 

Have a big competition. 

Interview Glamorous U. 

Introduce 3 businesses in Wales. 

Attend a Blogger Event.

My Fashion And Beauty Goals

Review 50 of my favorite beauty items.

My Music Goals

Perform in front of 600 people. 

Create an Album.

Learn to play the Guitar.

Write my own song to share on my You Tube channel. 

Pass my grade 5 in Tenor Horn.

Pass my grade 1 in Guitar.

Pass my grade 5 in Music Theory.

Pass my grade 4 in Singing. 

My Modelling Goals

Take part in a Fashion Show. 

Take part in a Modelling Shoot. 

Take part in another [or bigger] fashion show.

Take part in another [or bigger] photo shoot.

Take Part In A Pageant.

My Dance Goals 

Pass my Grade 4 Ballet.

Pass my Grade 4 Tap.

Pass my Grade 4 Modern.

Pass my Grade 4 Lyrical. 

Pass my Grade 3 Acrobatics.

My Achievement Goals 

Achieve a Frontwards Walkover.

Achieve a Backwards Walkover. 

Do Skydiving.

Do Snorkeling.

Read at least 6 books. 

Buy my first pair of JIMMY CHOOs.

Buy my first GUCCI or CHANEL product.

Buy my first PRADA bag. 

Take part in a Charity Walk.

Do a 30 mile bike ride.

Do a 5 mile jog.

Cook a 3 Course Meal for all my Family and Friends.

Places To Go

Go to see Britain and Island's Next Top Model [again].

Go to Nandos.

Go to Red Hot in Cardiff.

Go To London.

Go to Paris.

Go to at least 10 places to dress formally. 

Go To A Theme Park.

Things To See

Go to see a Fashion Show.

Go to the West End to watch a Show. 

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